Fear During Pregnancy

Introduction: Women suffer from several urinary diseases during pregnancy and because of this reason they have fear in their mind. Hence, consult to a doctor if any kind of problem is felt by the pregnant woman. Use of different drugs in the case of fear during pregnancy:- 1. Aconite- During pregnancy, the uterus and the ovary get swelling due to fear. Several types of diseases occur during pregnancy even in a healthy woman. In some cases, abortion is also took place due to fear. In the initial stage of diseases occur due to fear, taking Aconite is beneficial. Sometimes, she feels burning sensation, pricking sensation, cutting pain, etc. due to fear. A pregnant feels as much fear as she starts on thinking about her death too at the time of delivery. So, if Aconite 30 is given to that woman, it is beneficial for her.    2. Argentums-Nitricum- A type of unknown fear sets in her mind and keeps on fearing about troubles occurring while delivery and thinks that what will happen at that time. She keeps on fearing also by looking at high buildings. She keeps on thinking about her accident with a vehicle while crossing the road; she feels that the ceiling of a room, where she sits, will fall down on her head; she goes on troubling by heat, having desire for eating sweet and salty food stuffs; she does not sit on a place comfortably and keeps on walking and wandering all the time. Thus, taking Argentum-Nitricum 3 or 30 is very useful in such symptoms.   3. Arsenic-album- A pregnant feels violent fear and goes on persisting for a long time; she likes cleanliness much; if a frame or picture is hanged on the wall awry or in a wrong way then she starts angry; she goes on feeling restlessness all the time; she is not able to tolerate even little cold; goes on wearing many warm clothes all the time. She feels fast thirst frequently, but drinks only little water to wet her throat. She feels fear about living in alone, keeps on fearing about her death all the time. The symptoms of disease are aggravated in the midnight or about 1 o’clock in the night. Thus, giving Arsenic-album 30 or 200 is beneficial in such symptoms. 4. Opium- It is known to be very effective drug in diseases occurring due to fear during pregnancy. She keeps on feeling fear all the time that sometimes causes abortion too. The things, from which she keeps on fearing, are moving in front of her eyes. She feels sleepy all the time. Facial swelling comes, her whole body is wetted with warm sweat, feels sleeplessness in the night, she starts on hearing sound coming from distance, etc. Thus, Opium 200 should be given in such symptoms.   5. Phosphorus- A pregnant feels fear from dark, she can not live alone in a room, and she feels as if a dangerous thing is coming from the corners of a room. She also gets afraid from thundering outside. She keeps no fearing about her death all the time. Thus, taking Phosphorus 30 or 200 is very useful in such symptoms. 6. Pulsatilla- She starts on feeling fear very soon; loose motions start due to fear. She feels afraid about living in dark and alone. She also feels fear about the meeting of others. She feels too much heat in her body, starts on crying even on small topics, she needs others sympathy all the time. Thus, Pulsatilla 30 or 200 should be given to that woman. If baby presents in the uterus in a wrong position, after the use of this drug, it becomes in a right position and she does have any difficulty too at the time of giving birth to young ones.



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