Hello everyone, I would like to share a root canal treatment case with you for a 28 years old female patient, unaware of any medical conditions •CC" I have a painful tooth in the back side of my lower jaw" •EOE/IOE: NAD •Percussion of #45: +ve •Cold test of #45: Lingering pain that lasts for 9 seconds •DX: Irreversible pulpitis with symptomatic apical periodontitis Treatment was done in a single session. Postoperative PA revealed overextended GP cone, the patient is scheduled for follow up appointments before taking further steps of treatments



Good job Dr.Rawan
Good job dr. Rawan keep us updated
Good job Dr. Rawan , hopefully she won't develop any sign and symptom that requires further management
Thanks for sharing
Again, great job my friend! When you are planning to see her for follow up? After how long?
Great job It seems very slightly overextended but in my opinion it won't cause any signs nor symptoms
Great result , thank you for shearing
Probably ptn won't come up with any complaint, Dr.
Great job Dr.Rawan
Good job
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