Action of Basti

The site of action of Basti karma is Pakwashaya i.e. lower gastrointestinal tract. It is the main site of Vata dosha. Hence enema is mainly useful for the treatment of vitiated Vata (Ashtang Hrudaya Sutrasthana 19/1). Vata is the Bioenergy responsible for all voluntary & involuntary activities of the body. In normal or physiological states vata dosha is responsible for all important functions of the body like heart beats, Inspiration and Expiration, Peristaltic movements, musculo skeletal movements, urination, defaecation, Menstrual discharge, semen ejaculation and even delivery process. So basti can be helpful in preventive & curative aspect for all these conditions. Due to faulty diet and Life style, vata dosha gets vitiated and in this pathological state, it is responsible for many diseases. Basti karma helps to reset and maintain the balanced state of Vata dosha and thus helps in treatment of many diseases. Hence, Basti karma is the most important and powerful treatment or procedure among all the five processes. Basti is said as half of the treatment of Ayurveda (Charak Samhita Siddhi Sthana 1/39). Basti is not only cleansing process as Vaman and Virechan .It performs various types of functions according to the type of Basti implemented e.g. Shodhan Basti acts as a cleansing process; Bruhan Basti is nutritive in function. Basti is mainly of two types. 1) Anuvasan Basti – Mainly contains only sesame or medicated oils .This is usually given in small amount like 60 to 100 ml 2) Asthapan or Niruha Basti – It contains other material in addition to oil like decoction, herbal paste, honey, etc. @#cap Admin Ayurveda


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