feeling of nose obstruction

26/y/o male Complaint of feeling of nose obstruction polyp & on-off running nose since 1 month Obstruction more felt at night No other complaint On examination Nasal mucosa bluish discoloration Swelling of b/l inferior turbinate Polyp like swelling soft to touch, tender seen on right nostril what should be done in such case?



Dear Dr. Reena Patel ma'am, Advice for the case. Tab. Laxmi Vilas Ras ( Nardiya) 1 tds. Tab. Shanshamani Vati 1 tds. Advice for Nashya with Kshar tail BD. I had treated more then 100 patients with this formula. Avoid Vat Kaf Vardhak Ahara Vihara.


Nasya phadbindu tail, shirodhara, shirovirechan, Lakshmi Vilas ras, yashtimadhu Churna, lavangadi y,Tulsi swaras with warm water..

Allium cepa 200

Rx Cal carb

षड बिंदु तेल दो दो बूंद नाक में डाले लक्ष्मी विलास रस नारदीय दो दो गोली सुबह शाम दे

In our homeopathic treatment cal carb may be helpful if indicate

Sambucus nig

Rx Sambucus nig. 30 may be helpful.

Nasarsha taila from Arya vaidya shala, kotakal, kerala used for nasya Septilin tab Kanchanara guggulu

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