TINIASIS, infected due to application of Detol.

Female/ 26 yrs, This kind of tender, Itchy infection/information for last 1mnt, no other disease. What is the DX?



Ezematous dermatitis Psorasis lesions... Management.. Tab levocetirizine 5 mg BD. Tab Azithromycin 250 mg od 5 days Tab Itraconazole 200 mg od 15 days.. Clobetasol cream use.. Coconut oil use.. Alovira gel use.. Bath keto soap.. Wash antiallergic soap.. Keep the areas of skin sterling gauges..

What about da "Ring" Sir? Why Luliconazone N Clobetasol together. Doesn't match- Anyway Thanks for Ur opinion. Stay Blessed.

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* Eczematous dermatitis. Levocet 5mg bd. Azithro 500mg od. NSAID orally. Tapering dose of steroid orally. lobate-S fucibact oint locally bd. Rehydrate skin by applying moisturizer or emollient lotion locally. Keep the area clean and covered with sterile gauge.

Thanks Dr Pushkar Bhomia

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Tinea Corporis with poor management Eczema due to chemical irritation by dettol Dont give steroids in patients with tinea, it may relieve symptoms but leads to growth of lesioms

Eczematous dermatitis Clop gm oint locally Tab Levocet bd Tab Medrol 8 mg bd

Eczema. Wash the area with Keta console shampoo. Clobetasol + Salicylic acid. Slivers gel. Allegra 180.mg 1 tab OD.x 5 days.

Its a simple care of Tinia Corporis with manum, super-infection due to constant application of Detol wash- Thanks to everyone, with retards -



Eczema dematitis D/D Psoriasis.


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