Female 30 yrs Burning pain after cholecystectomy.

Cholecystectomy done 6 months back.



I presume patient is having burning pain in the abdomen. May be part of post cholecystectomy syndrome . Gastritis due to hyperacidity, gastritis ,esophagitis, reflux of bile into the stomach are part of chronic calculus cholecystitis . These may persist or worsen after cholecystectomy. Upper GI endoscopy can be done PPI, domperidone , reassurance can be given .

Thank you, Dr Manish Kushwaha

Postoperative c/o burning pain likely gastritis or peptic ulcer Need to go for usg abdomen and UGIE

Thanx dr Manish Kushwaha

Cholecystectomy due to decrease bile & increases hcl can cause burning in stomach & peptic or duedenum ulcer likely gastritis

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