Female..41 years Build.. average TSH >46 Haemoglobin..7.7 ESR..75 Platellet..1.25 RBC..3.0 Burn



Where are the subjective symptoms or clinical correlation? If she is healthy these details indicate nothing. If suffering, what are they ? I'm surprised such details are unavailable in this case. Even allopaths need clinical correlations.

Understanding the drastic high reading of TSH, and noting that the homoeopath treating the case earlier had abruptly stopped her allopathic medicine Thyronorm, I advised the patient to consult her allopathic doctor for thyroid. She consulted and she was put back on relatively high dose of allopathic drug. Thereafter, she visited me and reported much relief in stool related symptoms, as she was put on Merc. cor. during last visit. Patient is still under follow up.

Thyroidinum 3x, fuccus Q

Thyroidinum 6x

Rx Ferrum Phos , 5 Phos , Thyroidinum 3x ?

She had been on Thyroidinum 3X for quite some times without any relief when being treated by a physician.

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Calc carb calc iod thyroidinum

Thanks. Patient was on Thyroidinum 3X for sufficient time as advised by a homoeopath without any success.

Natrum Mur 1M Thyrodinum 6x Hydrastis Q

Thanks. She was on Throdinum 3X prescribed for sufficient time by some doctor without any result.

I think ferrum met 200, 2/dose every 15 day's or thyroidinum 3X, 1 tablet empty stomach

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