Female 60 Have pain in all joints Uric acid 4.5 Calcium 8.8 All RFT, LFT, CBC tests are normal But R.A.Factor positive and 25.0 IU/ml >18.0 positive .. Need your suggestions and treatment .... Lipid profile also high Cholesterol 235...


start DMARDs. sulfasalazine can be started at first. depending upon response other drugs can be added

RA is low positive. What is important is patter of joint involvement and diurnal variation - like morning stiffness >1hr.

Rheumatoid Artritis.Start DMARD.

if c/f suggestive of RA then start DMARD

Medical management is important. Physiotherapy may include- Therapeutic wax therapy Hydrotherapy Therapeutic ultrasound Calcium supliments

Regular exercise needed

Start with methotrexate 7.5 weekly with folic acid daily... may add sulfasalazine or hydroxychloroquine with nsaid and steroids initially

Do ANA, treat with disease modifying agents Anti inflammatory drugs

Physiotherapy treatment includes - Hydrotherapy Ultrasound ( localised jnt pain) Rest pauses between the activities General mobility

Ok ... Anything else?

Need Clinical evaluation with Rheumatologist.

rheumatoid arthritis

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