female 64 pain in both shoulders, nausea , single vomiting last 3 days , can't sleep properly .



it's a case of cervical spondylitis. physiotherapy consultation required.

What about XRay cervical spine.Spondylitis with nerve compression can cause such symptoms

Angina do tropi & t 2 decho st depression in lateral leads

It may be cervical spondylosis with brachial neuralgia...avoid using large pillows, continuous single positioning ,consult a physiotherapist, do the neck care exercises

cervical Spondylosis; GERD; VitD def; Look for DM,HTN; Get an ECG to r/o ischaemia.

रिपोर्ट पुरानी है नयी रिपोर्ट भेजें ताकि उचित परामर्श दिया जा सके।

do baseline investigation. .x ray .rul out cervical spondylitis treat accordingly

cervical Spondylosis ; Vit D Def; D M / HTN Ref to physician for final opinion .

It seems she needs further investigations There is a chance for autonomic hyper reflexia

do x ray cervical spine..plus serum vit D level

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