Female age 29..Have hair fall and dandruff,also male pattern hair loss,she is using only home r

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Shirdhara, shirbasti, Nasya karma. If prognosis is slow raktamokhsan is advisable for immediate result.

Thank you doctor

Kapur karanj oil for local app.grip h tab.narsimha rasayan.arogyavardhini .chk for her menstrual history , thyroid function test.

She has regular periods,, No any thyroid history.. Except only she have lack of sleep..

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Iron and calcium suppyment (asti poshak vati) Trichuup caps and oil

Dhurdhurpatradi oil Saptamrit lauh Shirobyanga Brahmi grit nasya Brahmi vati

Ok.above medicines along wid nasya.

Thank you doctor

Minoxidil, multivitamins, Bhringraj oil, and sirolepa....

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