female age 73 is a case of benign tumour at right thyroid lobe nodule measuring 15×9 mm in size since 2 yrs. please suggest allopathic treatment & ayurvedic t/t with experts



Get a F.NAC of the thyroid nodule as 15 % of discrete swellings prove to be malignant. and 30 - 40 % are follicular adenomas . Isotope scanning can detect hot ( overactive) ,warm (active) or cold ( underactive) . Surgery is indicated in malignant nodules and follicular adenomas

Thank you doctor

Though USG s/o TIRADS III hence, suspicious of malignancy, but in view of old age, 1.5 cm small nodule & no increase in size of nodule for 2 years the options need to be discussed with the patient & family. Due to possibility of crypto malignancy in the nodule (10-15%) FNAC should be offered. In case of colloid goitre leave her alone. In case of suspicious cytology or follicular neoplasm, minimum surgery wud been hemithyroidectomy followed by frozen section +/-total thyroidectomy if malignant +/-central neck dissection if papillary Ca. In case of malignancy, after the total thyroidectomy, radioisotope scan will be needed to confirm completion of removal of all disease and whether any need for ablation

I aggr to Shabnam madam but frozen section should be available.

No increase in size since 2 yrs. Elderly lady with euthyroid status. No active treatment. Yearly follow up advisable

If positive go for a total thyroidectomy. Post total thyroidectomy do a radioiodine wb scan followed by assessment of thyroglobulin and antithyroglobulin antibodies. If the radioiodine whole body scan is positive go ahead and do remnant ablation with radioiodine

Sir, FNAC or core needle biopsy is required to r/o malignancy. If normal pt can be observed and regular follow up ,once in 3 months is mandatory


Fnac required.

I agree c Dr. Mohan Rao sir

Do a fnac of the nodule if benign repeat fna ... For the features are suspicious for malignancy

As this pt has Rt STN which is follicular lesion on FNA.. patient need to undergo Rt hemithyroidectomy. If the final hpe comes out to be Follicular cancer (15% chance), then she will subsequently require completion thyroidectomy.

Yeah get a fna.. no nodes.. old lady.. keep her on follow up. If malignant on fna.. offer the patient choice.. Do TFT. If all okay keep her on follow up.

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