Female Complaints

Sepia: chronic bearing down Lilium is more intense, painful and distressing Uterine complaints with circulatory problems: Sepia, Phosphorus Uterine complaints with heart complaints: lilium tig( sensation of iron band+ fluttering of heart) Pain: Beginning in the back and going around to loins and to uterus and ending in cramps there: Viburnum opulus In back, through hips, down the thighs, darting from side to side, nervous hysterical, rheumatism of belly of muscle: Actaea racemosa It makes the patient mad, unendurable, unbearable: chamomilla Intermittent and spasmodic (screams with pain): caulophyllum (passive haemorrhage after miscarriage, characteristic weakness and internal trembling, irregular spasmodic labour pains) Mag Phosphorus >hot applications Kreosotum: post menopausal Lachesis and Crotalus: at climacteric Premature development of sexual instinct (in virgins): Platina Secale cor(ergot) : passive haemorrhage, everything open and loose, no action... In thin scrawny cachectic women of lax muscular fibres--- great subjective burning with objective coldness< slightest covering Sabina: profuse flow. Pain from Back to pubes < warmth > cool open air (SOS: do not prescribe puls, it increases the already profuse flow)**** threatened abortion in the third month Continual consciousness of womb(sore & tender): murex, helonias, lyssin



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