Female patient, 42 years old, diabetic controlled with glyburide and metformin has lower gum injury, reports that appeared after orthodontic procedure in which the molar withdrew, appeared after a week, no pain. What is the diagnosis of the injury and how it can be treated?


The term 'molar withdrew' I could not understand. The most likely D/D will be traumatic/ irritation fibroma, epulis granulomatosa (if a tooth was extracted from that site), pyogenic granuloma, giant cell granuoma (or pericoronal abscess? - must be painful). An IOPAR should be done of same region to check for any bone involvement. Surgical excision should be done followed by histopathological if no bony involvement is there. If unable to decide, refer the patient to an Oral Physician/ Periodontist.

H/O extraction n developed after extraction- its looks epulis granulomatosum.... Take IOPAR of that region and check for any bony spicule within the socket.... Surgical excision of the lesion and removal of bony spicule if seen.... However other DDs that can be considered are parulis, peripheral giant cell granuloma, pyogenic granuloma, irritational fibroma and benign or aggressive odontogenic tumour that has extended out through the socket....

sure shot pyogenic granuloma, as history of extraction, a locus of infection may have been left behind, due to inadequate curretage n sanitation of the extraction socket

Pyogenic granuloma

as per history..develops aftr a week of extrctn,painless growth.. d/d epulis granulomatosum

Epulis granulomatosum.......just get it excised n curette the socket after checking the sugar levels

extraction granuloma

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