Female patient 62 years old comes to consultation with clinical picture of 4 years of evolution characterized by the presence of right.mammary mass, which has been increasing in size over time while the patient presents mild pain that does not increase on palpation, she even presented with functional limitation of right arm. Please diagnose and rx?



Considering the age of patient Looks like inflammatory ca breast ...needs correlation with mammography...usg breast and trucut biopsy...followed by pet ct to check for disease spread and NACT

Considering the age of pt looks like fibroadinoma plz further biopsy and may be breast carcinoma difficult to diagnosis

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Maybe inflammatory Ca of breast Sono mammography Usg Pet scan Biopsy/fnac Ant neo adjuvant chemotherapy Follow by MRM Follow by chemotherapy n Radiotherapy

It is neoplasm breast. May be inflamatory carcinma breast. Do FNAC/BIOPSY &proceed asper report.

FNAC with mammography required .

Considering age and duration of the mass , malignancy should be the first diagnosis .Blood counts, mammogram, USG breast should be done . Search for SECONDARIES should be made. Radical mastectomy will be required If the diagnosis favours malignancy. The other side breast should also be subjected to scrutiny

Inflammatory ca breast ... Fnac.. trucut biopsy ... mammogram Usg bbilateral breast nd axilla nd abdomen fr liver.. If required ct scan... Treatment .. Neadjuvant chemo ..then plan fr MRM after 3 or 4 cycles of chemo... Complete remaining cycles of chemo after surgery then radiotherapy. ..

Clinically it appears to be inflammatory carcinoma breast need USG mammogram fnac/trucut if ca confirm then pet scan followed by surgery and further management

It looks Malignancy of the Breast superadded infection do a Mammogram & true cut biopsy & then proceed further

Better to go with mammography first then the treatment will be very easy to solve it

looks like inflamatory ca breast.... needs mamography, fnac to confirm

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