Female patient, age 19 yr, hyper pigmented patches on fase only right side start before 4 yr. Pt taken laser treatment.. .



? Freckles / Nevus of Ota.

What will be the approach of Rx?

Freckles Xeroderma pigmentation NAEVUS of OTA

Freckles, autosomal dominant condition, needs full sun protection with good sunscreen lotion , with skin lightening cream ( brilant lightening serum) to be applied on face twice a day, she can take laser treatment which will light the spots but hard to go completely.

Speckled lentiginous nevus,Freckles ?

Dx-Xeroderma pigmentation Rx-pigmento ointm for apply Tab-Pigmento 1bdx30+ Tab-Vimn A+D+E+supplimentry Protin

Naevus of OTA.?

@Dr. Nikhil Bhalerao -nevus of ota

Segmental freckles..


Melasma(chloasma) gen.hyperpigmentation associated with he sun exposure harmonal factor oral contraceptive pregnancy

@Dr. Partha Sarathi Sahana plz do comments Sir
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