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Female patient Age 22, dub, Apd. Suggestions for rx, prognosis

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Get cect abdomen Urine pregnancy test

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Not significant if premenustrual .watchful expectancy. Premenustrul fluid collection (minimal) in pod is a physiological. Follow up the case for any progress in size of cysts

U can start her on ocp's for 3 months ,also keep following the cyst through tvs .many times such small hemorrhagic cyst get resorbed over time but yes ,if any other complex changes over time then u should remove it .Rt now ocp + antibiotics

For AUB we can ocp for short course with pt education that pregnacy postponed due to ocp

Get cect abdomen Urine pregnancy test

Ask for the following investigation Platelet count Urine for pregnancy test,diagnostic and paracentesis I had encountered one patient with haemoperitoneum associated with ruptured hemorrhagic cyst of ovary.On detailed enquiry gave history of ITP undergoing treatment which had been discontinued for last 6 months. This is just a suggestion

First do UPT test if negative give ocp and repeat scan after 3 months

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