Female patient age 30 overweight Complain of weakness and neck swellin

Visible neck swelling Chief Complaints Weakness Neck swelling Sleeplessness History Taking unknown medication for same problem but not relief Vitals Bp:120/80 Physical Examination Weight 97 Complexion: black Investigations Cbc normal Thyroid normal Crp:22


R/O hypothyroidism and also see SPO2 if low do RT PCR. Start HCQ S 800mg stat 400mg Od ×4 days. Tablet pan 40 BD. Tablet vit c 10OOmg od. Divided dose. Vita D 6k od ×3days Further treatment as per report of investigation

Either post picture of neck swelling or go for usg neck Pt is obese and overweight Hence need to workout

Thank you doctor.

? Hypothyroidism Check FT3,FT4& TSH

Mam thyroif profile normal

Probably hypothyroidism,

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