Female patient age 7 complains of fever for last 3 days had covid

C/o fever 104 Odema in hands Hx covid positive Rx? Investigations Hematology reports Urine exam reports




Age 7 yrs COVID +ve High D dimer CRP is negative Low HB Go for RtPcr There is no cough or sore throat so may b + ve Start Azi 250mg Tab Doxy 100 Tab Calpol 500 mg bd Tab Iverctim 6mg od Tab Allagra for rashes Tab Fluvir half tab four times a day Rehydrate with frequent hot water.

Anaemia Do hrct Serum protein Serum creatinine Ecg Hrct Once fever subside Iron therapy Azee250 bd Hcq400 stat 200 mg od4 days

Evaluate for associated secondary infection. Adv cxray

Might be pulmonary embolism. Adv.X ray chest , Repeat Covid RTPCR. And evaluate for associated secondry infection

MISC Kawasaki like response, post covid infection May required steroid for short duration

Add antiviral Look for sec infection

Advise admission and treatment

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