Female patient at 50s presented with fever 39 c , cough , wheezy chest ,dyspnea



Lower respiratory infection? Lvh? Left plural effusion needs Ecg with Bnp test

Left lower lobe consolidation collapse needs hospitalisation further management with antibiotics.

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c.c.f.with Lt.pleural effusion adv.inveti. e.c. g. 2d eco heamogram e.s.r.

pneumonits it lower zone....

Pl treat empirical with inhalation therapy, sputum examination with blood investigations , lt pl effusion with lt lz infiltrate with bronchiectatic changes

Pneumonitis lt lower zone.

Consolidation lt lower lung zone.....prominent bronchovascular markings bilaterally

Both costophrenic angle blunt?? Plurel effusion / consolidation... Treat as LRTI, adv sputum culutre n other blood investigation..

Looks like pneumonia

pl effusion koch?

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