female patient of age 48 yrs c/o pain in both knee joints overweight h/o cardiac stenting no DM HTN Rx tab rumalaya forte 2 bd mahayograj guggul 2bd cap ashwagandha 1bd mahanarayan taila for l/a plzz tell me another relevant treatment for that

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She is just 48. I would like to get better x Rays. Scannogram to check alignment and planning. Proper single leg weight bearing AP views for both legs and Lateral view. I would like to get MRI as well. There are high chances of meniscus root tear. Depending upon findings, meniscus root repair and high tibial osteotomy will be my first choice preserve joint as much as possible. If it is not possible to preserve it, only then I would do knee replacement. Patient needs to be evaluated properly at the earliest by knee Surgeon who can perform knee preserving as well as replacement surgery. Dr Prashant Parate

this is the case physiotherapy which will direct the joint position and muscle strengthing. medicine will not work efficiently bcos of mechanical change in the body. if not cured rt now -next few month it will lead to surgery. so refere her for physiotherapy treatment so she can feel convert within 15 days. bcos whole knee joint are damaged almost.

I think it is orthopaedic surgeon who decides which treatment is good for patient. Physiotherapist has to follow instructions of orthopaedic surgeon for patient care. Correct me if I'm wrong. Mechanical axis change at knee joint can't be corrected by physiotherapy. First axis has to be changed. Physiotherapy has definite role in treatment, but don't misguide everyone.

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Severe osteoarthritis. Advised knee replacement.

agree with Dr prashant tkr shud be deffered in such young patient. other vialble option is as mention by Dr prashant or just unicondylar knee replacement in which only medial condylar are replaced.

OA I there so bilateral knee X-Ray and physiotherapy treatment and quadriceps exercise and gait training and tk diet plans a check up of thyroid avoid long standing cross legs and squatting

Reduced joint space .I would like to do proximal fibular osteotomy. Better results are there.

Unicompartmental reduction of knee space. OA both knees with varus deformity. Reduce weight and assess bone density. Also assess pain scale and plan TKR only after applying orthotic devices which can correct varus deformity by releasing pressure from medial compartment. TKR should be deferred for a patient of just 48 yrs

It is OA knee joint ..with varus deformity...so less likely conservative treatment will be successful ....so go for tkr and also diagnose the cause of this OA knee joint

this is case of OA and wt is on medical side better go for knee replacement followed by physiotherapy ,if not then fast relief pain by tens ,IFT followed by slow passive movt ,reduce pt wt after that isometric ex's ,low resistance ex's for longer count ,always make pt comfortable go for short duration ex's for 3 times avoid squaring ,low sitting .

Same to continue as advised and advise to pt. for weight loss and weight bearing exercise IT'S OA IF PT. ECONOMICALLY STRONG COCELLING FOR TKR

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