Female pt 40yrs old ,came with complain of tooth pain bt on observation i saw patches in her mouth,she also complains of burning sensation



severe anemia mostly IDA (Bald tongue), with ? oral lichen planus; iron therapy with B12, Folic acid supplement

tacrolimus 0.03% cream for LA will be helpful

anemia..advised CBC and type of anemia

I agrre with Dr.Sujal.Peripheral smear exam reveels what type of anaemia it is.There is no Leuokoplaqia.Probably she needs blood tranfusion.Some times female pts loss more blood during menstruation.That also represent like this.Pt food habbits,Occupation(Cooli),Poor economic status are all imp.Thank you.

this maybe a case of smokers melanosis if history of smoking exists.

dear I doubt as there is total paleness due to atrophy of epithelium

oral leucoplakia with severe anaemia...complete blood investigation with biopsy adv.Start with inj.vitcifol 2ml.everyday once plus cap.becosule one od.for 1 month plus SMF liquid n kenacort oral gel to be applied over oral mucosa.Cap.lycopene 15mg.substitute shld.also b started till the final biopsy reports come.


severely anaemic advice blood investigations. even her nails are pale. any history of tobacco chewing? advice Tab MVBC, folic acid....

Good observation sir..

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This can happen in cases of severe anaemia

anaemia. and couse to b roule out

pernicious anemia adv CBC blood investigation give iron substitute

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