female pt 50 yrs age, renal caculi suggest treatment.



The stone in the Right upper ureter must be removed by Urologist by cystoureteroscopy. There is no second opinion. Refer the patient to Urologist immediately. Adequate hydration is required.

Dear Dr Khan RENAL CALCULI *Varundi Kashaya 20ml Bid * Pashana bhedhi churna 2 gm bid with water * Kshara udaka paana (yava) 2 gm bid. * Plenty of water consumption * Neeri/ Cystone tab 2 bid Thanks With regards

In ayurveda we can manage such case.... Its the case of Ashmari and ashmari janya upadrava in Vrukka.... You can advice - Varunadi Kashaya 10ml BD - Gokshuradi Guggulu 1 tab BD - Chandraprabha Vati 1 tab BD - Sarvatobhadra Rasa 1 tab OD Swanubhoot yoga of - Gokshuradi Churna 100gm + Pashan Bhedadi Churna 50gm + Shwet Parpati 5gm + Hajral Yahood bhasma 10gm + Giloy Satva 10gm + Mukta Pishti 5gm = 3gm BD with luke warm water - Syp - NEERI 10ml BD as Anupana of Vatis Advice to drink adequate quantity of water. Avoid vata pitta vardhak ahar vihar Educate about Vega Dharan.... And advice to avoid it.... Plan a diet according to Prakriti and Roga

use this medicine 1 tab arogay verdhni vati two bd 2 tab Gokchuradi gogal two bd 3 tab cystone two bd 4 Gokchuradi kuwath one time daily 5 sahar shaktiprash powder one tra spon two times aap rojana subhay k time ek moli ka ras nikal kar half tea spon kala namak mila kar pilao 10 din m aaram hoga

Hydration therapy with diuretics.

as the size of the calculus is not too large, take plenty of water, tab.cystone 1 bd. decoction of tribulus terestis and aerva lanata 30 ml bd. to rule out types of stone, do urine crystals and deposits, if possible if the stone comes as such do stone analysis and then according to the type of stone give dietary advise to avoid recurrence. first of all purgation should be given to manage the rearranged vadha which helps in easy expulsion of stones.

heloo doctor calculi size is 2 cm .8 cm... ureter can't expell that

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पाषाणभेद मकोय पंचांग शाहतरा कासनी बीज को जौकुट करें और फिर उसे पानी में उबालकर काढ़ा बनाकर उसमें 2 ग्राम हजरलयहुद भस्म मिलाकर सुबह-शाम सेवन कराएं निश्चित रूप से लाभ होगा योग परिक्षित है

Syp Neeri 15 ml+30ml Water After Food Gokshuradi Guggulu 1TID After Food Chandraprabha Vati 1 TID After Food Kshara Parpatti 1/2 spoon with soda if There s pain Varunadi Kwath 25ml +10drops Sahachardi Taila BD Before Food

Lycopodium 200


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