female pt Age 42 years.she has back pain.and neuropathic pain in right leg.what will the treatment


L5/S1 degenerative disc disease Likely to have root compression and radiculopathy Incidentally L1:2 level look like a healed lesion with fusion Could be old paradiscal TB or sceptic discitis No sign of activity Check CBC esr,crp Posteriorly conus is intended Analgesics Muscle relaxants Gabapentin will help

Dear Amarjeet please do not accept wrong answers or there is no use discussing cases here on this site. Mr kapoor writes S1 and S2 segments n u accept this answer!!!!!!!!!

kz Dr tilak

dear amrjeet this case required team work to than it. ortho -neuro-physio we need to make pt alignment correct to reduce the symptoms.bcos one place or collapsed. so in case of physio part-traction and swd will help.initially . esle aslo.discussed with ortho and Neuro weather it need surgical corection. plz check weather it's structural or postural . so all thing depend upon the diagnosis and finding

dear amarjeet postrior protrusion and wedging of S1 and S2 segments com pressing the existing nerve roots are obvious.stenosis also present resulting in the radiculopathy . pregablin , gabapantene will be helpful in reducing the pain. Tramadol hydrochloride will be helpful to reduce the pain.steroidal and NSAID's will be helpful in reducing the inflammation. methylcobalamine 2500 mcg injections or 1500 mcg sublingually will help in healing of the nerve. supplement with cholecalceferol 60,000O units and collagen 2 peptide and diacerene for cartilage repair. physiotherapy in form of deep heating ( SWD or MWD )

spinal traction intermittent for first 5 min for nerve mobilization followed by static traction for 10 min will help to dislodge the pressure on the nerve roots. tens for radiating pain will help. moist heat to reduce local protective spasm will help

lumbar scheuermann disease

Dr Manoj , can we call those as blocked vertebrae ?

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Give pregabalin and start tens for leg pain

if there is no neurological deficit, go for conservative treatment like analgesic, pregabapentin/gabapentin, physical support. n physiotherapy

this is nerve root compression due to disc protrusion go for TENS ,IFT followed by flexion ex's ,complete bed rest for two days ,,after that general rest for a week ,don't go for traction now ,use hard structure for sleeping ,don't do forward bending ,lifting and follow dr mukesh and dr saurabh advice

A common problem nowadays . Start with moist heat,Rest, Tens/ Ift in the leg along sciatic nerve course, Calcium and vitamin D, Later on after week or so , with relief use Back support, mild to moderate back and abdominal exercises.

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