Fever abdominal pain

Female patient of age 50 Chief Complaints Fever Abdominal pain Weakness History History of taking injection monocef 1gm Bd for five days from 18/11 to 23/11 as patient widal test positive dated 17/11। Titre 1/80++ 1/160++ Vitals Bp:normal Patient is diabetic but in control Investigations Hb 7.0 Esr:50 Crp:250 Usg attached: 27/11 Diagnosis LIVER ABCESS ASSOCIATED WITH SPLENOMEGALY Management Need surgical intervention??? Any other advice??


Pyogenic liver abscess Get CBC, liver enzymes Start cefoperazone 1.5gm bd Amikacin 500 bd Metrogly 100ml tds All for 5 days, then repeat usg or CT Abdomen

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