fever and cough since 4 days... malnourished.. picture doesn't look exactly like lobar consolidation.. please comment..



Seems to be a case of pneumonic consolidation rt upper zone. Adv. CBC, CRP, ESR, to rule out bacterial infection

Sir What about abdominal part seen Is it normal ..or abnormal if yes then should we corelate these two..if can then plz tell corelation

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Pneumonitis /consolidation right upper zone. Distended bowel loops. Widening of the mediastinum. Aspiration pneumonitis / Pneumonia.

Consolidation Rt. Upper zone. Associated hepatomegaly with gut distension. Rule out sepsis.

Pneumonitis right upper lobe.

Consolidation rt.upper zone,

Rt upper lobe pneumonitiswith mediastinal widening may be thymic.

Collapse consolidation

Rt Uz cinsolidation

RT upper consolidation Mediastinum widening Bowel loops distended

Rt upper lobe consolidation aspiration also possible

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