Female patient of age 50 Chief Complaints Fever Weakness Sometimes chills History History of taking medication for same problem from somewhere else but not relief No history of cold/cough/Dm/htn Vitals Bp120/70 Spo2 97-98 Investigations Widal: 1:80 ++ 1/160+ Esr:30 TLC 12000 Rbs:300 Dated: 17/11/2020 Diagnosis Enteric fever?? Management I give 19/11/2020 to 22/11/2020 treatment below 1) injection monocef 1gm bd 2)inj pantop 3)inj emeset Cap: Becasoule z one od T: zathrin 500 mg od Tab:Dolo 500 mg tds Patient again feel some chill today fever subside for for 4/5 hours then temprature rise Should I go for covid Rtpcr?? Any investigation aur treatment advice???


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I don't see urine routine here while pt is diabetic There is leucocytosis and uncontrolled bsl hence i will first advise detail investigations and r/o UTI and diabetic kidney disease Positive widal looks to be psuedopositive still cross check and confirm by weil felix test Adv sr electrolytes and dengue profile as well as pbs for MP Till than continue the rx given

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Pl get her Igm for s typhi.dengue antibodies. Rapid test for malaria Urine routine & culture.u can give in falcigo.120mg stat and repeat after 12hrs & 24hrs Tab doxy 100mg bid.tab calpol itds. U can plan rest of management after the reports.

Hello sir Urine routine test has Normal finding Ps for malarial is normal

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Tab cefuroxime500 bd Tab pcm.1 tid Liq polybion2tsf bd ×5days.then report on her 2nd vesit. No need to give painful injs.Treat under diagnosis...PUO.thk u

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Tab cefuroxim500 bd & Azithromycin 500 bd is enough ,others are symptomatic treatment with tepid sponging during fevers , semi-solid diet + plenty of liquids orally if tolerated// iv DNS or NS 8 hourly if oral feed not tolerated

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