Fever from two days with high temp Chief Complaints Fever with headache.. Temp of body 103 from 2 days.. Pain in legs.. Thrist for small quantity of water. Vitals Tem 103.. Diagnosis Dengue



Seems like to Dengue Iv fluids Tab. Dolo 650 Syrup caripapa 10ml tid Advice daily cbc

Eupatorium perf 30 TDS Ferrum phos 3x BD

S. Chereta Q 10ml BD, chinin arse 30, chinin sulph 30, bryonia 200

According to the available symptoms - Ars alb seems helpful . But pain in legs is an important symptom of - Eupt perf especially for Dengue cases. Please do a close study to select one.

Thank you doctor

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Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Investigation Result Platelets Count below. Diagnosis For Patient Dengue Fever. Rx E.Perf 30Xbd X7day. *Ferum Phos 6X 5tab xTds Daily With Light hot water. * Carica PaPaya 0 8drops Xbd M/Evening. Recovery Platelets Count.

Thank you doctor

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Belladonna 200 Tinospora cordifolia Q Carica papaya Q

Baptisia and Pilocarpine Q can help with Chelidonium

There are medicines in ayurveda to improve platelet count and other blood cells. Hence ayurvedic expert should be consulted. Thanks for tag me in this case.

Baptisia, 200 Ars, Alb 1m alternate day

Eupatorium Chin ars Bell

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