Fever of Unknown Origin

"Raised body temperature only on upper half of body" consistent complaint of 22 yr old male since 1 month. Mild cough, occasionally productive. CBP, CUE, Chest X ray normal USG : CHOLELITHIASIS (but no pain abdomen) Ordered ESR, Sputum AFB Any valuable insights, specially on "feverish upper body "



Most likely dx is cholecystitis with cholelithiasis. Generally cholelithiasis is not possible without cholecystitis. Advise-inj augumentin 1.2gmiv bd. injpansec 40mg iv od. tab dvnplusI�3 cap omez dsr 1od. tab bcomplex 1od�5days.

It may be cholelithiasis with chronic cholecystitis.. Do LFT for any hepatic dysfunction Till that Tab. Sultamicillin 375mg bd for 5 days Tab. Dolo 650mg tid for 5 days Cap. Nexpro rd 40 od for 5 days. Vitaliv-s syrup

Bacteremia due to cholecystitis, Do blood CS,