FEVER/ ज्वर/ بخار

#Fever #بخار #ज्वर #temperature The body temperature refers to the temp. Of the viscera and tissues of the body, regulated by hypothalamus and increase in body temp. Is known as FEVER. It is best recorded by mercury thermometers..usually in axilla. 1 hypothermia---35°c /95°f 2 normal ----- 36.2-37.2°c/98-99°f 3.moderate fever--37.8-39.4°c/100-103°f 4.high fever ---- 39.4-40.5°c/103-105°f Fever greater than 105°f is known as HYPERPYREXIA. TYPES OF FEVER 1. Continuous fever.. the temp. Remains above normal throughout the day and does not flactuate more than 1°c in 24 hours. Eg. Labor pneumonia, typhoid,uti , inf.endocarditis.etc... 2. Remittent fever..most common .... the temp. Remain a above nornal throughout the day and fluctuates more than 1°c in 24 hours. Eg. Typhoid , inf.endocarditis.etc... 3. Intermittent fever... the temp.is present only for some hours in a day and remits to normal for the remaining hours. Malaria, kalazar, septicemia.etc... 4. Hectic/septic fever.. the temp variation b/w peak and nadir is very large and exceeds 5°c Eg.septicemia.. 5. Pel Ebstein type....there is a regular alternation of recurrent bouts of fever and febrile periods. The temp. May take 3 days to rise ,remain high for 3 days and remits in 3 days and then apyrexia for 9 days. Eg. Hodgkin's lymphoma 6. Low grade fever... temp. is present daily especially in the evening for several days but does not exceed 37.8°c at any time . Usually it does not indicate disease, but it is commonly present with Tuberculosis.. CAUSE:- 1. INFECTION. Bacterial, viral,rickets, fungal,etc.. 2.Neoplasm.. 3.vascular. MI,PULMONARY EMBOLISM 4.Traumatic. 5. Immunological.. rheumatoid arthritis, drug fever... serum sickness etc.. Meditations:- AFTER DIAGNOSIS TREATMENT FOR PARTICULAR INFESTATION.. THANKYOU



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