32 year female having bleeding hemorrhoids since the first pregnancy since 6 years.Pain is burning and pricking with the indigestion(gas troubles ) which also started after the pregnancy.Along with this, she complains of backache agg during the 2nd pregnancy. desire for spicy things. No specific modality. drinks 2-4 glass of water per day .


Doc sometimes physical examination is also necessary for these type of case . As you told earlier these complaints starts after her first pregnancy . May b patient having no hemorrhoids ? Kindly check the patient with proctoscope , in addition to my answer it will b in favour of internal haemorrhoid or may b it's prolapse . Choice of remedy - ACID NITRIC , MILLIFOLIUM, NUX,SULPHAR, CALC FLOUR , RUTA .
Pt has been checked they are hemorrhoids.

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Collinsonia is the medicine works where there is hemorrhoids with backache . Otherwise sulphur is therapeutically well selected for it. Can select any from this both after detail case taking
Physical general and mental general is important to select a medicine. Nat mur may be helpful if indicate. Advise for proper diet and not to take spicy food or non veg.
Firstly proper examination with proctoscope.... Avoid junk and spicy foods Tab pilex Pilex cream...
Start with Sulphur 1m Aloes 200 Hamamelis 200
Rx-Nux Vom-30/BD Hamamelis Q/10drops/BD
Sulphar Nux vomica Aesculus
रुटा 1x रैटिन्हया 6 सल्फर 30