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Today a hallikar breed cow presented for treatment , after examination i decided it is a case of wart , 2 big n about 5- 8 small warty growths were found on different parts of the body i prescribed 50 mlx1 Anthiomallin inj not yet administered pl suggest your treatment doctors


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bigger warty growths were fallen n smaller once has become black n reduced in size treated with anthiomallin 20ml weekly twice 5 days im n applied thuja ointment it is responded to treatment
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Autohemotherapy is best
20 ml autoblood .2times at 15 day interval
Autohemotherapy is better option sir,Also tried Inj . Ivermectin (plantinum) 33.15 mg/ ml 2 Inj necessary 15 days intervel If carbolic acid available, paint on warts burn imigiately.
Go for oral homeopathic Thuja and Thuja cream
Inj - Enrostrong pz 5 gm for 3 day , Rumzin powder 1'/, 100gm. 10 gm daily also efective becouse wart means zink diffeciancy
Thuja +csticum 10pills each bd for a month
Homeopathy is best in such cases
Yes autohemo therapy....
50 ml anthiomaline
the animal is under treatment treated with anthiomallin 20 ml deep i/m given . 2-5 injections to b given if their is response it will b informed if no response friends have suggested Autohemotherapy / surgical removal / hot cautory / application of dilute acetic acid / carbolic acid so on.
today the animal had been presented for treatment , it is found that the animal is responding for earlier treatment , the two big warts fond on first day they are pealed off the other small ones were changed in size n appear small n black . testament particulars:- 1. anthiomallin inj 20ml deep im weekly twice 2. thuja ointment application daily

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I used to give VitA supplements/inj .....Vit A helps in softening the keratin and asDr Sanjay suggested Zinc.......I have tried anthiomaline and autohemotherapy...Got satisfying results with both....
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