find out spot diagnosis .......hurry who wins the race



Ist of all check any factors which may be irritating the upper lip area and check the consistency of the leison.. lf hard fibrotic then maybe fibroma, mucocele r more commonly seen in lower lip area..u may also ask for any mucoid material from the pt.To confirm diagnosis take excisional biopsy

agree with Dr jasbir kaur...

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to keep as it is and allowing to Chang its original tissue in another tissue-get excison biopsy done!

Granuloma dd lipoma dd Dermoid cyst usg fnac HP dd mucocoele

If the lesion's peduncle is in the vermilion border it will not be a mucocele,since vermilion border don't have any minor salivary glands.we have to consider other benign soft tissue swellings like fibroma.duration and consistency has to considered.if the lesion is orginating from mucosal surface,its probably a mucous extravasation phenomenon.history of trauma has to be elicited.the tissue has to be excise and submitted for histopathological examination.

Looks like 21 tooth is grossly carious....just see under this enlargment.....i think this tooth is culprit, due to irritation from this tooth it lead to this growth. so whatever it is, its due to irritation from this tooth...extract it first and just surgically remove this growth. if u want to be precise, u can have biopsy done

its a MUCOCELE .... go for surgical removal for cosmetic purpose...n also check the bite or any sharp teeth or tk history of traumatic habitual bite

Kindly give a short history while posting such cases.. Duration.. Palpation findings.. Symptoms.. All of these would help reach the diagnosis.. Morphologically, solitary Fibroma or post trauma retention cyst are my dds

it is soft tissue benign tumor can be traumatic neuroma, neurolemmoma, leomyoma,.fibroma. the lesion shd be removed in toto. Then send for histopathology. wait for the diagnosis

may b fibroma..

Death race!!!!!!is it.....for such a small benign hurry worry

dude its just spotter ....dont be emotional
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