Firm swelling on premaxillary region of patient since 2 yrs... No pain.. No pus discharge.. No history of tobacco or extractions.. What is the dignosis..

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Epulis.There are many types granulomatus fibomatus angiomatus cacinomatus. This is suggestive of a benign one.

Tooth extraction with the growth and do histopathology and treat accordingly.

looks like pyogenic granuloma. extraction of the nearby tooth and excisonal biopsy. oral hygine is not that good i suppose.

it's a chronic case of periodontitis.....Check out if any mobility, Iopa for bone plz

Its looking Severe Periodontitis....leading to gingival overgrowth.. or Maybe CGCG. radiography & BIOPSY will confirm the diagnosis... Ask > for HTN OR any drug consuming or > Pregnancy status . for T/t. > Measure Ant. height and lips compitancy. 1)extract affected teeth 2)gingiplasty 3) immediate Dentures.. recall after 1 week Medication as needed

I would really want to go for full mouth extraction, in such cases.the lesion will get resolved , if that doesn't happen then biopsy is needed.

Fibroma/pyogenic granuloma/peripheral giant cell granuloma. Ch Gen periodontitis. Radiographic review of lesion mandatory. Extraction of associated teeth with excisional biopsy of the lesion is must.

I feel extraction of tooth might reduce the size of the swelling as tooth seems to be the etiology fr the may also be a pheriperal giant cell granuloma too but extraction of tooth might help and regular follow up.

Ok ma'am. But Plz enlighten with ur diagnosis and line of treatment.

doc it just severe periodontitis and gingival overgrowth

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