Fissure in ano

26/y/o with burning sensation and painful defecation from past 2 days On examination Fissure in ano- 6 ‘o clock position Mucosa around anal verge is inflamed Appetite reduced Bowel hard stools with burning sensation Micturation normal Tongue coated Prakriti vata kapaha




Apart from the ayurvedic treatment recommended by fellow physician's, advise for seat's bath, sufficient intake of water and leafy green vegetables and fruits to avoid constipation.

Thank you@Dr. Dinesh Gupta Dr. S.A.T Dr. @Nihar Ranjan Mohanty

In Ayurveda its explained as Parikartika Advise for Sitz Bath SOS, Specially after defecation Advise to drink adequate quantity of water and prefer luke warm water in evening hours Add Fruits in diet Suggest fiber rich diet Advise for Jatyadi Tailam 5ml P/R twice in a day Triphala Guggulu 1 tab BD Punarnavadi Guggulu 1 tab BD Trayodashang Guggulu 1 tab BD Drakshasava 20ml BD with equal quantity of water Avipattikar Churna or Pancha Shakar Churna or Erand Tailam as per the Koahtha and Bala If needed then suggest for Anal Dilation

Lifestyle and home remedies Several lifestyle changes may help relieve discomfort and promote healing of an anal fissure, as well as prevent recurrences: Add fiber to your diet. Eating about 25 to 30 grams of fiber a day can help keep stools soft and improve fissure healing. Fiber-rich foods include fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains. You also can take a fiber supplement. Adding fiber may cause gas and bloating, so increase your intake gradually. Drink adequate fluids. Fluids help prevent constipation. Avoid straining during bowel movements. Straining creates pressure, which can open a healing tear or cause a new tear.

First of all Avoid junk and spicy foods.. Tab. Pilex BD Escot cream BD... Arogyavardhini vati and syp. Cremaffin for constipation...

Cremaffin syrup for constipation Lignocaine gel for pain Daflon 500mg 2tab tds for 3days Pilex tab

Ksharsutra is best way to cure, seats bath with triphala qwath, arshakuthar ras, triphala guggulu, pilex cream local aplication, avoid spicy and oily food as well as alcohol and junk food drink plenty of water,

Avoid spicy oily, junk and packed food, tea, Tobbaco and alcohol. Erandbhrushta haritaki with lukeworm water at bedtime. Tab Pilex fort 2-0-2. Tab Amroid 2-0-2.

Pilax Tab Kankayan Vati Arogyavardhini Vati Triphala Guggulu Abhayarishta Pilax Ointment.


Along with your ayurvedic management. Advise for proper diet, more green vegetables in diet will be helpful, advise not to take nonveg foods.

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