Fluid management in a case of sepsis with creat 5, hypotensive and a H/o Poliomyelitis.?

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Pt is likely in prerenal failure as sr creatinine is 5 You must see sr electrolytes and imbalance is to be balanced Add diuretics to bring sr creatinine down Since pt has poliomyelitis hence KFTS are to be monitored But what is reason of dehydration need to be adressed R/o diabetes and DKD

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Fluid need to be given as per fluid responsiveness test Fluid responsiveness test tells about, further infusion of fluid is going to be beneficial for the patient or going to be harmful to patient There are several fluid response test are available 1) Pulse pressure variability test 2) Straight leg raising test 3) 2 D Echo 4) Inferior Vena Cava distensibility test Hypotension to be treated with fluid and ionotropic agents - usually noradrenaline

Circulatory support. Patients with suspected septic shock require an initial crystalloid fluid challenge of 30 mL/kg (1-2 L) over 30-60 minutes, with additional fluid challenges. (A fluid challenge consists of rapid administration of volume over a particular period, followed by assessment of the response.

L Arginine.

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