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fna 40/f, uterine mass adherent to post abdominal wall


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granulomatous lesion Adv- clinicoradiological correlation and biopsy

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Shows mixed cell inflammatory infiltrate composed of lymphocytes, neutrophils, plasma cells & predominantly histiocytes, pigment laden macrophages, a large cluster of epithelioid cells, giant cell, a cluster of cuboidal cells. Background is yellowish ( old hemorrhages, yellowish pigment laden histiocytes, not clear) Impression : * Granulomatous / ? Tubercles on the posterior wall of uterus. ? Ceroid granuloma ? Endometriosis in posterior wall of uterus with Granuloma. Advised biopsy.

Inflammatory exudate..neutrophils Eosinophils lymphocytes and plasma cells Cyst macrophages Squamous cells Epithelioid granuloma Necrohemorrhagic debris. GRANULOMATOUS lesion. Sug.clinical correlation Imaging Excision biopsy

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Smear shows cyst macrophage in the back ground of inflamatory exudate mostly granulomatous lesion ? TB or abcess

spindle cell neoplasm with super added inflammation

Granulomatous lesion However, clinical evaluation and work up for Koch's for needful

Granulomatous lesion with cyst macrophages


Granulomatous inflammatory lesion ? Tb

granulomatous lesion Adv- clinicoradiological correlation and biopsy

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