FNAC from a swelling in right parotid region of a 40 year old male



Respected madam, thanks for the typical case, MICROSCOPY : Cytoaspirates from the swelling right parotid region exhibits flat monolayered sheets of oncocytic cells admixed with reactive lymphocytes in the background of amorphous material and granular debris. Oncocytic cells show abundant granular eosinophilic cytoplasm with well defined cell borders. Nuclei are round, monomorphic and eccentrically placed. No evidence of atypia, abnormal mitotic activity or malignancy in the images studied. IMPRESSION : FNA SWELLING RIGHT PAROTID REGION - WARTHINS TUMOR. [ADENOLYMPHOMA, CYSTADENOLYMPHOMA, PAPILLARY CYSTADENOMA LYMPHAMATOSUM]. SUGGESTIONS : 1) Kindly correlate clinically and radiologically, 2) Advised excision biopsy for histopathological examination and confirmation. Please note : Description, Impression, Suggestion provided are solely based on the quality of images provided and are purely presumptive. Definite opinion can only be provided by actual microscopic examination and ancillary studies. Thank you very much madam, Best regards.

Sheets of oncocytic epithelial cells against a proteinaceous background rich in lymphoid population Impression Warthins Tumor ( cystadenoma lymphomarosum) Any history of smoking?

Smear of good cellularity shows clusters and sheets of oncocytic cells with pyknotic nuclei in lymphoid population rich Secretory background. O/f/s/o- benign salivary gland lesion I.e. Warthins tumor. Adv: clinical co relation and biopsy for confirmation.

warthins tumor

Warthins tumour.

Warthins tumour. Fluidy lymphocytic background with oxiphilic cells and epithelial cells sheets.

Warthins tumour

Warthins tumour

mixed parotid tumour

looks lik warthins madam. tx

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