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40 y female c/o anterior neck swelling since few months. Chief Complaints C/ o pain and swelling in anterior neck involving both the lobes of thyroid. History No significant past history Vitals GC average.130/90 mmhg,76/min HR Physical Examination O/ E 6.2x4.3 cm firm to cystic anterior neck swelling involving both the lobes and midline, moving with deglutition since few months. Investigations TFT and FNAC were ADVISED.TFT shows SUBCLINICAL HYPERTHYROIDISM .ON ASPIRATION HEMORRHAGIC ASPIRATE OBTAINED. Diagnosis The smears were H&E stained. The smears show monolayered sheets and clusters of benign follicular cells having round to ovoid nuclei amidst the hemorrhagic background..colloid scanty. HYPERPLASTIC ADENOMATOUS NODULE Management The patient was prescribed NEOMERCAZOLE

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Follicular lesion Dd. Follicular hyperplasia.. hyperplastic colloid goitre Follicular neoplasm. Sug. Radioisotope scan Bx

adenomatoid nodule

Nodular goiter with follicular hyoerplasia

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