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FNAC y female c/o lump in right breast since 5_6 months. Chief Complaints 65 y female c/o lump in right breast . History No significant past history..No family history of breast cancer Vitals GC average.130/90 mmhg,78/ min HR Physical Examination O/E 3.5 X3.0 CM HARD ,MILDLY MOBILE LUMP PALPABLE IN SUBAREOLAR REGION OF RIGHT BREAST..LUMP HAS BEEN PRESENT SINCE 6 MONTHS.A SMALL LYMPH NODE ALSO PALPABLE IN RIGHT AXILLA. LUMP ADHERENT TO THE OVERLYING SKIN Investigations CBC,RBS ,USG OF AXILLA AND BREAST AND FNAC OF BREAST LUMP ADVISED.CBC WITHIN NORMAL LIMIT.NO USG REPORT AVAILABLE..FNAC OF BREAST LUMP DONE.ASPIRATE WAS BLOOD MIXED. Diagnosis The smears were H&E stained. The smears show many singly scattered and loose clusters of atypical duct cells showing marked nuclear pleomorphism, hyperchromatic nuclei and prominent nucleoli amidst the necro hemorrhagic background. DUCT CELL CARCINOMA HIGH GRADE Management Advised MRM With AXILLARY LYMPH NODE DISSECTION.

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Mostly discrete atypical cells Occasional loose groups Tumor diathesis.. in background Duct carcinoma Robinson cyto grade 3

Pleomorphism, increased nucleo-cytoplasmic ratio of the scattered large cells is suggestive of malignancy. Biopsy suggested.

No you cant comment on these cells. They can be degenerated cells as you cant see cytoplasm in them. Advice repeat fna.

Atypical ductal epithelial cell

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