40 y female c/o lump in right breast since 7_8 months. Chief Complaints 40 y female c/o pain and lump in right breast History No significant past history Vitals GCavg ,130/90 mmhg BP,92/min HR Physical Examination O/E 4.5x4.0 cm firm to hard ,mildly mobile lump in upper middle quadrant of right breast .overlying skin ,nipple and areola NAD. Investigations FNAC OF BREAST LUMP ADVISED. ASPIRATE WAS HEMORRHAGIC. Diagnosis The smears were H&E stained. The smears show many singly scattered and clusters of atypical duct cells having marked nuclear pleomorphism, hyperchromatic nuclei and prominent nucleoli amidst the hemorrhagic background..DUCT CELL CARCINOMA RIGHT BREAST. Management Advised MRM..


suspicious of malignancy Biopsy suggested for further evaluation

DCC... likely IDC.. Robinson's cyto grade.. 2

Carcinoma Breast

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