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FNAC y male c/o left upper cervical (?parotid region) swelling since 1 year Chief Complaints C/o swelling in left ?parotid/cervical region swelling. History H/o bidi smoking present..No other significant past history Vitals GC average.130/90 mmhg,76/min HR Physical Examination O/E 1.9x 0.8 cm firm to hard mildly mobile swelling present in the marked region Investigations UPPER GI ENDOSCOPY AND FNAC OF THE SWELLING ADVISED Diagnosis The aspirate was blood mixed. The smears were H&E stained. The smears show lymphoid cells, some multinucleated cells and clusters of some atypical cells .It confirms that its lymph node swelling...may be metastasis to the lymph node. Management Advised excision biopsy



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Still the impression is not 100 % conclusive. I suggest to proceed for excision biopsy. ? Cervical Lymphadenitis Koch's lesion.

Need anti inflammatory and antibiotics medication, In Ayurveda, Dashmool qwath BD Sanjivani vati 2bd SH tab 1bd Arogyavardhini ras tab 2bd

granulomatous lymphadenitis probably of tuberculous origin

Granulomatous lesion.. likely involving lymph node Sug. Cbnaat Bx

Granulomatous lymph node

Granulomatous lymphadenitis.. Koch's origin to be ruled out

Smears show epithelioid cell granuloma. Adv Afb stain cbnatt

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