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24 y male ,a prisoner c/o left lateral cervical swelling since 2 months. Chief Complaints 24 y male prisoner c/o left lateral cervical swelling since 2 months.mild pain is present..He was brought to the hospital as he was c/o pain in chest and epigastrium due to acidity. History No significant past history could be made out..No associated fever and cough. Vitals GC average.130/90 mmhg,78/ min HR. Physical Examination O/E 2.4x1.7 cm firm mildly mobile left lateral cervical swelling present. Investigations FNAC OF THE CERVICAL SWELLING WAS ADVISED WHICH WAS DONE BY ME..ON ASPIRATION SCANTY BLOOD MIXED MATERIAL WAS OBTAINED AND THE SMEARS WERE H&E STAINED. THE SMEARS SHOW POLYMORPHOUS POPULATION OF SMALL MATURE LYMPHOCYTES AND REACTIVE LYMPHOID CELLS COMPRISING OF CENTROBLASTS,CENTROCYTES AND IMMUNOBLASTS AMIDST THE HEMORRHAGIC BACKGROUND. SOME EPITHELOID CELL GRANULOMAS ARE ALSO SEEN..I MADE THE DIAGNOSIS OF NECROTIZING GRANULOMATOUS LYMPHADENITIS/TUBERCULAR LYMPHADENITIS. Diagnosis NECROTIZING GRANULOMATOUS LYMPHADENITIS/TUBERCULAR LYMPHADENITIS. ADVISED CLINICAL CORRELATION AND CBNAAT Management PATIENT would be referred to DOTS centre


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Necrotic/caseous granuloma... lymph node. Sug. Zns Cbnaat. Bx

Thank you doctor

Necrotizing granulomatous lymphedenitis

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