For how long fever can last in covid 19 patients?


There are 2 patterns of fever in COVID-19 disease 1.A continuous fever 2.Saddleback fever Most of the patients haver fever- 80 % Some patients ( 20 % may be afebrile) Generally in uncomplicated cases - there is a low grade fever 99.5 to 10l ° F - and may last for a weeks time . Any patients whose fever is prolonged for more than a weeks time are likely to develop complications like viral pneumonia, septicaemia, shock . Few patients particularly with saddle back pattern mag have high fever 101 to 103

C Fever in Covid infection seems to have a double camel hump pattern . Fever in first 3- 4 days. Then patient becomes afebrile, second rise around 8th day and may continue for a few more days. Some are afebrile Some have low grade fever. Some have high temperatures . Very variable.

Thank you ,Dr Bera

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you still have a fever after seven days, you must stay in self-isolation. Continue to check the Patient Access Coronavirus symptom checker regularly for warning signs to look out for. In people with more severe infection, shortness of breath is likely to become more marked 7-10 days after they develop symptoms.

Nothing is fix patteren from 24 hrs to 7th day may be interrupted or continuous Depends on stages of infection

In covid 19 fever will be remain up to 2nd week roughly 10 to 12 days in some patient & it will be continuous. This symptoms also depends how much continuous remain in contact of covid 19 positive patient

I am agree with Dr Shivraj Agarwal Sir, and Dr. Krishnan Pichumani Sir.

Thank you ,Dr Pranab Bera

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