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For myself, Male 34 years having history of gastritis from 2003 ( 1st episode) then in 2007(2nd episode).History of piles in January 2019 and in March 2020. Did all tests, US, and endoscopy- Results was internal hommoroids. Still fewtimes because of constipation- piles come and go away. I am regular follower of my body check up. My weight is around 96kg(12-14 kg over weight).4 days back I did all blood tests, x Ray and US ( full abdomen and Pelvis). Vitamin D deficit and increase in my lipid profile( border high). US reports says grade 1 fatty liver changes with gall bladder partially distended. Right now I am feeling discomfort in my upper abdomen part below ribs like dull pain and very few times nausea. Attached all my blood tests Reports, x Ray and US reports. Plz guide me what to do next Thank you 😊




As far as investigations are concerned Your LDL cholesterol is 151 - although TG is borderline high and a low vitamin D Start tab.Rosuvastatin 10 mg bed time for 3 months Tab Vitamin D3 60 K units,weekly for 2 months and then monthly. Rest you require symptomatic treatment and dietary restrictions and exercises to reduce your weight which is 96 kgs . For APD - get urea breath test done for H- pylori and if positive H.P kit . Meanwhile take PPI and oral sucralfate

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You should have to go for Upper GI test & Widal test & USG of Abdomen Otherwise in your report indicates hyperlipidemia & insufficient vit.D

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