Foreign Body Ingestion

A female child 8 years old with Alleged history of accidental intake of 1 rupee coin 2 days back Chief Complaints Pain Abdomen (mild) Anorexia Investigations Xray done on day of consumption showed coin in upper abdomen Xray repeated today showed coin in pelvic region Management What should be the further action to be taken

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FOREIGN BODY is consistent with coin and in lower abdomen Successive xray shows coin has negotiated all terminals and reached in descending colon and will pass naturally Adv bulk laxatives Plenty of oral fluids and bananas intake Counseling

Thanx dr Pushkar ji Bhomia

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Ingestion of FB showing different positions and last xray shows FB seems to be in pelvic colic after 2days of consumption. I think no active treatment as such is required at this stage. I will pass off of its own. Counselling of the party not to get worried it will pass with stool and to search for the coin after defaecation only large fiber food , banana can be given so that it can pass off . If not passed in next two days and coin could not be found and complainof pain and vomiting repeat xray to see the position of the coin surgeon may be consulted for opinion wheather requires for removal or not.

Endoscopy (esophagoscopy) is by far the most commonly used means of removal and is usually the procedure of choice. Most children with esophageal foreign bodies are stable. Endoscopy usually can be delayed until the child's stomach is emptied and a surgical team is assembled.

Highly chance that Coin in large intestine will spontaneously come out through anus during defecation. Wait for few days more before taking any surgical intervention. Fiber rich diets with plenty of water drink with increased physical activities.

Mostly it will pass out. Can give antispasmodic for pain , and laxative to facilitate movement. If not please consult sx / pediatrician

Lot of fluids Diet rich in fibers Syp Levoluke 11/2 tsf bd

Reassurance to parents. Laxatives, banana to be given. Advice parents to observe her stools

Wait and watch. Conservative management.

Wait for 2 days more it will come out Colonoscopy removal

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