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Foreign body ingestion

Baby of two and half years age ingests iron nail Suggest further management

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Passed in stools Without any Surgical intervention

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Ingested FB a screw seen may be stomach or in intestine. No active treatment required as it will come out with stool . Counsel the party not to get worried and ensure them that no active treatment required it will pass out with stool and search out the FB when the child passes stool Banana or laxative can be given to make stool soft and easy passage Wait for 48 hours and to see passed or not. If not go for re xray to see it has passed unnoticed and for the postion and to report surgeon if ther is pain or vomiting .

Thanks Dr Navjeevan Shah

Foreign body NAIL ingested seen in KUB Has negotiated all loops and is somewhere lower segment of small intestine and wait and watch to get pass naturally Adv bulk laxatives and banana to push it through

Thank you doctor

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Wait and watch with daily x rays..,,watch for passage through stools


I agree

Remove the FB (nail) endoscopically under GA .

Passed in stools Without any Surgical intervention

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