Forty three yrs, F, c/o nodule in L eye, gradually growing since 20 to 25 years. Diagnosis / management?


Limbal dermoid. Surgical excision with superficial keratectomy.


Limbal dermoid.MC & most characteristic ocular feature of goldenhar's syndrome.Do thorough examination n Rule out any systemic association before excision.

The patient did neither give h/o having it since birth nor provide photos of childhood.

Limbal dermoids are benign "_congenital_" tumors that contain choristomatous tissue (tissue not found normally at that site).

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Kimball dermoid : Rx :. Surgical excision with amniotic membrane grafting.

Please read "limbal" I stead of Kimball .

Limbal dermoid adv ecision . Send fr biopsy too . Sup Kerr tony must

Limbal dermoid.. Surgical intervention

Nice Discussion and Nice Post.

Dermoid , surgical excision

Conjunctivo limbal dermoid

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