fresh trauma... patient unconscious...any findinds???



C2-C3 fracture laminas with loss of lordosis.But -this doesnt explain loss of consciousness.Management in emergency-is examine and get CT Brain 1st.Immobolise the spine.What are the examination findings wrt spine.If any weakness/signs present-get urgent MRI after stabilisation.

loss of normal lordotic curvature and fracture of spinous process of c2-3 and grade 1 anterolisthisis of c2 over c3 nw to knw is it true or false listhesis have oblique x-ray or ct cervical

fracture of pars interarticularis of C2 with mild subluxation over C3. (hangmans fracture) ..Tgis type of injury is caused by hyperextension and distraction

C2-C3 fracture with instability, need MRI and surgery

C2 # laminar with dislocation. needs CT brain.too

Need Mri to see compression also Mri of brain

Fracture lamina C2. With grade 1 listhesis

C2/3 subluxation with instability

fracture of C2 spinuous process

Type 1 . Hangman fracture.

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