Full term male child vertex vaginal delivery. Diagnosis?



1. Nevus flammeus orport-wine stain also commonly called afiremark, is almost always abirthmark; in rare cases it can develop in early childhood.It is caused by avascular anomaly(acapillarymalformation in the skin), here most likely due to hemangioma. 2. Right Inguinal Hernia - The bulge or visible lump seen in right side ofgroin. Interestingly sixty percent of hernias occur on the right side. Inguinal hernias do not spontaneously heal and must be surgically repaired because of the ever-present risk of incarceration. Generally, a surgical consultation should be made at the time of diagnosis, and repair (on an elective basis) should be performed very soon after the diagnosis is confirmed. The laparoscopic needle-assisted repair of inguinal hernia (LNAR) technique is safe and should be considered. Parents may be instructed on the application of gentle pressure on the bulge of an inguinal hernia to prevent incarceration until the elective operative repair is performed. 3. Congenital megacolon due to the bloating of abdomen? 4.Right congenital hip dislocation also known as hip dysplasia or developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH). DDH involves abnormal growth of the hip. Ligamentous laxity is also believed to be associated. However prognosis for children treated for hip dysplasia is very good, especially if the dysplasia is managed with closed treatment. If closed treatment is unsuccessful and open reduction is needed, the outcome may be less favorable

Rt undefended testis dd rt inguinoscrotal hernia naveus on abdomen

big lump in RT side middle part of abdomen & RT thigh including scrotums.? hemangioma .

Haemangioma with cong rt inguinal hernia and megacolon

Haemangioma with fluid hernia right.

is there anal opening?

Yes sir

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Port wine stain ?

??? undescended right testis with strangulated inguinal hernia hemoperitoneum

hemangoma, ing hernia,....May be multiple other anomaly

cavernous hemangioma with right inguinal hernia

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