Fundus photo 1. identify the anomaly 2. management

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1. Optic disc pit with serous macula detachment 2. self limiting. wait for 3 months. If not resolving, laser the temporal margin of the disc. Since you brought up this topic, I feel it appropriate to add a note about APON (Acquired pit of optic nerve). APON is a distinct structural change of the optic nerve which is characterised by a focal loss of neural tissue associated with pronounced excavation and loss of normal architecture of the lamina cribosa. It is important as it has a strong association with glaucoma: 1. APON is more common in NTG when compared to cases where IOP is high 2. It is more common at the superior and inferior poles of the disc, the latter being more common 3.Deep scotoma with a steep margin which usually involves fixation 4. It's presence indicates "vulnerability" of the optic nerve to damage (by factors other than high IOP) in patients with glaucoma.

Self limiting. wait fr resolution rLaser pc to temporal margin of disc in an effort to disconnect d association btw disc n macula.n posterior buckling fr macula

Optic disc pit with serous macular detachment self resolving largely.. if not then laser on temporal margin of disc


optic disc pit with serous macula detachment or odp -m

treatment is laser phc applied to the margin of disc to disrupt communication between source nd macula

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Mean to say optic disc pit maculopathy

Optic disc pit leading to CSR.

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